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Learn only what you need to accomplish your goal.

  • Personalized Learning Plan
  • English Level Certification
  • Flexible Program
  • Blended Classroom Options (Ask your Agent)


English as a Second Language as offered from Franklin Learning Centers, provides the best learning environment for you. We use a unique 1-3-1 methodology in order to immerse you in the English language. You spend your time in our blended program made of three phases: coaching, independent study, and conversation.

독특한 1-3-1 방식을 체택  

1 UNIT OF FACE TIME (Coaching)

You will work with a coach who is fluent in your language. The coach provides instructions and feedback based on the online class. In a classroom setting, the coach will work with you to help your understanding.

코치와 함께 영어수업을 받습니다. 

3 UNITS OF APP TIME (Independent Learning)

After coaching, you will spend time working within the online/offline program. You will use your headphone and microphone to practice listening and speaking English. Your app time will be fun and engaging, passing the time quickly!

코칭을 받은 후 온라인 오프라인 프로그램으로 공부를 하게 됩니다. 헤드폰과 마이크로 말하고 듣는 연습을 하게됩니다.

1 UNIT OF TEAM TIME (Collaborative Learning)

The end of the session will involve your whole class practicing English conversation with each other. This will reinforce the lessons you have learned and provide a fun and engaging way of testing your performance and ability.

협력학습: 세션이 끝나면 전체학급이 함게 서로서로 영어대화를 연습하게 됩니다.


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